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OP,   Last night, she mentioned to me that you were giving her crap about this.  But look on the bright side; by the end of the night she wasn't really concerned about what you thought anymore.
Craigslist.  I got a free Noguchi table and a Paulistano chair for $200. Both in mint condition (one scratch on the table).  Had to drive two and a half hours, but common....ridiculous score.   Just figure out some pieces that you want and check craigslist everyday for them.  Took me a few weeks before I came across anything decent.
Hi,   Just wanted to make sure that you got my payment.   Thanks!
  That settles it, I'll do bespoke next time.
I just ordered my first MTM item, a navy sportcoat from a well regarded local tailor.  I did as much research as possible beforehand, and I had a good experience at the shop.     That being said, I'm confused at the difference in customization between bespoke and MTM.  I've searched and read a lot of threads here, but the experience most people report wasn't consistent with what I experienced today.  People seem to say that on bespoke, "every detail can be...
  I suggest further remediation for you, young man...your character flaws are clear to all of us on the boards.  
  My opinion is somewhere in the middle - the thing is, you need something usually, but only enough to develop it to the point where you can ask investors for more.  People tend to think "Oh woe is me, only millionaires can start businesses!"  That's just not true.     I started with $10,000 that was partially from me, but mostly borrowed from family.  I realize that is an advantage that some people don't have, but I also feel $10,000 is not such a huge sum of money that...
Just got this in the mail, going to take it to my tailor to have him alter it.  What should I ask him to do?  I'm aware the sleeves need to be shortened and there is a collar gap, but what else?  Some waist suppression maybe?   The wrinkling of the arms is terrible right now because of how it was shipped to me (jammed in a USPS envelope).             Much appreciated.  
  Can you be more specific?  Is it that bad I should just resell it?  I know the arms are super wrinkled, but that's because of the way it was mailed (jammed up in a usps envelope).  To my admittedly untrained eye, it seems my shoulders fit okay so perhaps alterations can fix the rest, but honestly I'm a beginner so who knows.
Trying out my new tie and sport coat.  The sport coat I literally took out of the bag it was mailed in five minutes ago, so excuse the wrinkles.  How does the fit look?  I know the sleeves need to be shortened and there's a bit of a collar gap, but other than that what should I tell my tailor to do?        
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