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In Richmond I would add Leviner Wood on Monument ave. great men's shop!
Sadely no before, but will try to take a pic of the after.
I just got back from my tailor a re- tailoring of a 1990s Sanyo Carol Cohen lightweight twill top coat I had him work on. First he removed the belt and loops, took the sides in for a more sleek look and cut 12" off the bottom to bring the hem to my knees. Presto Chango- a new car coat that looks a lot more modern than the 90s top coat. Total cost $150. Priced a similair coat in 46 xl at $700-$850, so I feel pretty good about it. Haven't worn the coat in a couple of years...
I am looking to buy one from the LLBean catalogue as they have a variety of colors and they offer a "tall" version. Priced around $250. Anyone purchased one this season???
I collect sterling silver vintage t-back cufflinks using e-bay and antique stores when I travel. Ebay averages $30, stores $100+. The ideal is a 1940 deco style in sterling. will pay whatever the price is. Here is a piece on the 300 + links I have and how I store them from my tailor's web site: http://levinerwood.com/2010/01/15/lw-profiles-greg-wingfield/.
I recently switched from a B&G bag to a Rimowa 28" bag for longer days on the road. IMO, the Rimowa is a much better piece of luggage than the B&G and I am curious why you are not getting another Rimowa.
For those that are not familair with Ferry's work: http://www.roxyrama.com/index.shtml. or http://www.vivaroxymusic.com/bryan.php. Sheer musical genius with style to spare!
Mr. Ferry has been my style icon since the late 70s. Always considered him a cool older brother and have tried to replicate the style over the years. Of course it helps if you are really Bryan Ferry!
I am the same height as you at 6'6", but 20 pounds heavier and I am a 45XL MTM. To my eye, the jacket seems to be short, but again I am 60 and not into the latest fashion trend. At your height, I would think you next a 40 xl suit.
I ordered my copy several weeks ago from Amazon and it is suppose to arrive between the 29th and 2nd.
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