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shouldnt you be holding a ps3?  
this thread is getting so ridiculous.
  those are probably so soft! 
  deep indy      !                    
  momotaro 701 might fit similarly. same with Unbranded  201 aka tapered fit. 'Slim tapered' is what you are looking for. 
  listen to liddel, they are vanity sized 2". i size down 2 on all of my wg and they are still baggy. 
  didn't you already decide that deep indys in either wg or sg won't fit you? 
  the broken twill, and natural indigo revival (which measures the same) are both very light in comparison to the others. the elephant2s would be a better bet in a size 30, since most people choose to size up a little due to how stiff the denim is. those in a tagged size 30w and size 31" waist might work out well since the denim is really really stiff. someone else with a pair of e2s will have to say for sure, as i do not own a pair. 
  Quote:   check these out . . . skinnyguy broken twill     :   blueowl has these measurements:   * Size 29 (30" waist, 9.25" rise, 10.5" thigh, 7.5" knee, 37" inseam, 7" leg opening)   the thigh fits, the waist fits, and they fade awesome!\bin\shop.prodt.detail&SKU=7996402          ​                             
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