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I ordered the test fit shirt & pants a couple of days ago using custom measurements and I have a I going to be responsible for additional alterations until the fit is perfected? What about shipping costs? How does this work exactly?
I'm in love with this quilted jacket. Anyone got a direct link to it? Not seeing it on their website .
Anyone have pics on how the blue (re: not navy) linen cotton jacket looks in person? Just ordered one. Curious how light or dark a shade of blue it really is.
I'm starting a new job in January and am in desperate need of some dress pants. I'd like a few pairs of the Benjamin suit pants but they're a little out of my price range at $115. Are there any promotions or coupon codes going right now?
I bought a 38R Benjamin suit. Can't begin to tell you how pleased with it I am. Fabric, construction, everything. Nice fit OTR too. Here are some pics straight out of the packaging... [[SPOILER]]
I bought a Benjamin 38R Sartorial Classico suit from ehaberdasher. How's the fit, and what alterations need to be made? Ignore the shirt and lack of shoes. The pics were taken at my girlfriend's.     [[SPOILER]] The pants need the obvious slim/taper/hem. I'm more concerned with advice on the jacket.   Thoughts?
Will you be selling the Benjamin 38R in Navy any time soon?
Any recommendations on light tan suede oxford bucks for around ~$150?   Edit: Nevermind. Got the JCrew suede bucks for $100 with STYLEFIND promo. Boo ya!
Not sure if this is the right thread for this, but... -navy blazer -unstructured -unlined (or only partially lined) -super casual -$200 or less I'm looking for something matching the above criteria. Any recommendations?
Any recommendations for a nice peacoat for under $200?
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