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Anyone know how often Uniqlo switches up their t-shirt runs? Loving the Supima cottons in fit and feel, but not stoked on many of the current colors (and they have fewer colors of v-necks to begin with).
Have they ever made Keirin cuts for other pants? I was more interested in the OGs and the Nycos than the Dungarees.
Does anyone have a recommendation for a pant from outlier (or a similar company) with roomier cut thighs? Looking at their measurements and their models, look like most everything is catered to slimmer folks. I have a bulky bottom block with sizeable thighs and glutes (but relatively small waist), so pants are often a pain for me to fit unless I get them MTM.
I had avoided CDB because I wasn't feeling the look of suede and I didn't like the contrast between the sole and the upper, but those are really great looking. Looks like I'll be picking up a pair in beeswax.   Edit: Actually, upon further review I think those are bushacres. Which are cheaper. Hrm.
Are these beeswax Clarks? The laces are obviously after-market, but the stitching and design looks the same. However the sole looks much darker, don't know if it's been treated or just dirty. I haven't been impressed with most pictures of CDBs but I REALLY like the character and patina on these boots.  
I wasn't able to get a good shot of those, but they're definitely not just creases. I honestly don't care about those too much aesthetically, because they are pretty hard to spot unless you're looking for flaws, but I'm more concerned about how much worse they'll get and potentially making the cracks worse going over them with a brush if I happen to go against the "grain" of the cracks while polishing.   Do you think I should be worried at all about the heel counter...
Thank you for this. I'm going to try to see if I can't get them refunded first, the seller made no mention of the cracks. Clearly I can't expect new shoes, but I feel I grossly overpaid for them in this condition ($47 shipped). I've opened an eBay buyer complaint, hopefully it gets worked out.
(Copy-pasting this from the AE Appreciation thread, apologies for the spamming, just realized this probably fits better here.)   I got a pair of vintage AE Townleys off ebay, however they're a bit more beat up than I expected. I understand leather cracks aren't repairable per se, but could a good cobbler minimize these in any way? There's also a loose flap of lining in the heel counter, anything I can do about that?           I'd love to send...
I got a pair of vintage Townleys off ebay, however I feel they didn't come as described. I understand leather cracks aren't fixable, but could a good cobbler minimize these in any way? There's also a loose flap of lining in the heel counter, anything I can do about that?           I'd love to send them back, but the seller is basically giving me a "caveat empor" attitude. I'm filing a claim through ebay but I'm not optimistic.
(Posted this in a separate thread, apologies somehow I missed this thread in my initial search).   So I've always had a habit of fitting my jeans too big. They fit well off the rack, but then tend to sag too low on my hips after a few months. keeping this in mind, I went for about as tight as I could handle when I picked up these 514s in the "rigid" style.   After purchasing however, I'm a little wary of these pants and just looking for some advice. These are...
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