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Would anyone happen to know the pricings of a suit or jacket made there?
Apologies, guys, i wont be able to make it, need to work, enjoy
gshen, could you tentatively include me for dinner, will try to make it. Is it at 7 or 7:30?
Ww chan by far is superior in terms of fit and craftsmanship. Dave is good if ur not looking to spend less cash
Would like to know what color vest would be best for both casual (eg: with tshirt) and more casual occasions with (dress shirts). What type of material would be best for hot weather? 28 degrees and over? Lastly, are there any differences in design for vests that are made for streetwear and formalwear?
Just curious as to the quality of LV's mens clothing line, more specifically their polo shirts, are there any justifications in paying that amount of cash or is it just for the branding? By the way do they ever have markdowns or sales on their items?
Was wondering if anybody could give any good options for athletic cut/fit polo's. I have tried rl custom fit, and lacoste and unfortunately they don't seem to fit me well. I have tried the john smedley milo polo's but the small is too small and medium is cut too big. Am currently considering a sunspel polo. The best polo I have found so far were the banana republic pique polo's (last season), this season the quality seems to have deteriorated so any suggestions for...
bump, nobody with any good news to report in Hoi an? So I basically assume it is all junk?
I know this has been posted before but has anybody recently found any decent tailors in hoi an or hanoi. Have read the other threads and the general consensus is no. Planning to spend a week there so any good advice for tailors would be helpful
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