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Quote: Originally Posted by Waffle the jeans are april77's This means I was right Great shirt Warlock.
I belive I own a pair of G-Stars which looks a lot like yours. I shall see if it is the same modell.
Quote: Originally Posted by Waffle hai gais detail of jeans Are those jeans April 77?
I have a pair from Rogues Gallery. I am now looking at a pair from Mr. Ervell.
Quote: Originally Posted by Leonard Leroy I just could not, not stop showing my disappointment in myself for cracking and buying those jeans. (the sexfh05s) In the process of becoming GS. Get a Fred Perry and you are good to go
I'm not sharing.
Quote: Originally Posted by lee_44106 I love Coke Zero +1 Much better compared to regular Diet Coke (or Coke Light as it's called here).
Quote: Originally Posted by Hombre Secreto Orange Juice I loves me the Vitamin C! +1
Quote: Originally Posted by WOLVES This isn't meant to be negative (though i guess it is) but I've decided that the idea of the "Men's fashion magazine" in inherently a bad one. After some forays into the european and japanese options, I just can't get with a whole magazine devoted to the subject. It almost always comes off as corny or "try to hard" and most of them are really poorly written. For example, after multiple recomendations on...
I only read 10+ consistantly. I buy other magazines when I see something interesting.
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