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The solution:
Quote: Originally Posted by whacked Seriously. This is what he looked like last October: Huge improvements all around IMO. That purple stuff is really creepy
Quote: Originally Posted by Jerome I agree with Hugo minus the shoes theyre too chunky for the outfit IMO, the shades are very good w the hair as is the rest- pants and shirt- maybe shave your legs? I liked the part with the shoes, can't put my finger on why exactly.
^^ nice
White Chocolate Slim Hugo
Then again, I need someone to carry on my name. Decisions decisions...
Personally, I would greatly enjoy being a DINK?
Quote: Originally Posted by Fade to Black avoid these like the plague...the ultimate douchebag shoe. if you want a designer sneaker, go with Margiela german army or Lanvin low tops. I also like Visvims. I was going to make a post like this. But someone else did before I could.
Plain tee's from AA, graphic tees from BBlessing.
I don't think I can do this. Last month I tried but I ended up buying some stuff anyways (actually I forgot about this competition).
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