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Quote: Originally Posted by jet I did, look I just made another one. Nm, the raf sandals are $1k. Sorry, updated.
Quote: Originally Posted by jet I have lost all faith. Socal has no limit, how much were the raf tevas? Dang; I though that you actually was going to make a post
Quote: Originally Posted by selbsttatig Damn it. What is with you guys and the fact that you can't do a fucking search? Also, AA.
Not a fan of the big t-shirt; A white short-sleeved shirt would have worked better.
I like the clothes, especially Raf.
Quote: Originally Posted by michaeljkrell A bullet hole ridden camouflage Diesel hoodie. Did you get shot
Quote: Originally Posted by Fade to Black you serious man? Why are you trusting a bunch of strangers you've never met to totally make you over? Not trying to knock the guy but some things really turn out better if you work them out yourself... I agree with FtB, try read other posts and use the search button. Oh, and we have got a lot of different threads for quick questions (brows the other forums for advice on haircuts etc.). GL
Quote: Originally Posted by SuperBobo last 3 days Much better in, shall we say, green context You look a bit like John Malkovich in Of Mice and Men.
Sure it can be cool, I like the jacket to the left on the picture above.
I have a pair of completely bleached Wranglers, I never wear them. Not anymore
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