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Quote: Originally Posted by SoCal2NYC Raf Simons F/W 05 oversized trousers Are we doing the Jet thing now?
Quote: Originally Posted by PG2G I really enjoyed the demo, I'm prolly gonna get this soon.
More great stuff from Socal.
^^ Great post, would read again.
Quote: Originally Posted by SuperBobo swedish hipsters has almost ruined wool watch caps worn high and rolled up pants for me... Yeah it's almost rediculous how many rolled-up pants you see. Especially round Götgatan etc. And too answer the OP: Quote: Originally Posted by SoCal2NYC yup
I didn't get many, but to my defence I can say that English isn't my first lanuage so I couldn't spell all the countries right...
I don't like any of that and wouldn't wear it.
Quote: Originally Posted by SoCal2NYC Michael Bastian pleated bib linen shirt Martin Margiela chinos Car Shoe patent blue tassle mocs Good good good.
Quote: Originally Posted by Fade to Black for Asobu: picture Nice pants, I've been looking for something like that for awhile. I assume they are YY?
Dunno if I've said this before. But GoSurface you've got really good taste. I really like your wall
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