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Quote: Originally Posted by Ritchee They have a pair of shorts I like but $168.00 is too high for me. Does anyone know where their clothes are made? I prolly have those shorts, I really recommend them (even though they are a bit long without tailoring/cuffing). These shorts can also be bought in red/white and blue/white stripes.
Great knitted polo GS. Where did you get it?
A pair of Fillipa K Navy sneakers.
I voted MMM and APC. I rarely find clothing I like from the other brands listed.
Quote: Originally Posted by globetrotter I think that scars add character. Globetrotter is correct.
I shower as much I can, since I find showering meditative and relaxing. Most often after workouts and in the morning.
Quote: Originally Posted by Connemara Ditto. Sometimes I wonder if marriage is worth the pain. Mabye she's REALLY hot?
Quote: Originally Posted by siman You are the biggest faggot ever first off for wanting to buy labels to be validated by girls. If you really want to get laid get some confidence and spit some game. You won't get with every girl you hit on but some girl is bound to fuck you if you try hard enough. If you truly want a pair of fashionable jeans that will last a long time I suggest a pair of number nine darted jeans or dior 19cm. They will last longer than a...
Quote: Originally Posted by TransparentCranium which filippa k are cheap exactly? the ones i saw on revolve are something like 325... Forgot about the low dollar, they are cheap in Sweden anyway.
I like Fillipa K hightops, they are cheap and looks really nice. Works well with tucked pants too.
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