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Is that your sister SoCal? You do look a bit like each other.
An YSL tribute tee surely must bee high fashion?
Nice SoCal.
Quote: Originally Posted by dusty http://www.styleforum.net/showthread.php?t=69232 I fail. Greater moderators, please smite thee(is) thread. Edit: Who the fuck uses the word "kop" anyway?
A new fall a new thread! So, what is SF wearing this fall? Any special fabrics, details or trends you will be following? Any special brands? I'm going to relax this fall because I failed to find a job this summer. The only thing I want is a pair of Diors 19cm and mabye a Jil Sander leather jacket (from the FW collection). Apart from that I might buy some stuff from Acne/the Local Firm/Fillipa K which all had interesting things going for them this fall. Oh, and I'm...
No never. I rob banks though.
I think it will be a lot like Sin City.
I'm reading McCarthy. Possibly my new favourite author.
Quote: Originally Posted by Get Smart at a local shop in LA...it's from the FP Italian knit line I was wondering since I can't find it at my local shop.
I bought a cardi-thing from there, already a button is starting to fall off. The t-shirts I bought are fine though. My favourite actually.
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