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  Which Nordstrom Rack?  I just called the one in Union Square and they said they don't have any.  Paul Smith isn't even a listed brand on Nordstrom Rack website.    
Looking to buy some BoO shirts that are size XXL.  I'm paying in the $75-100 range depending on condition.
Thanks, I'll have to check that out.  I haven't heard about it which is surprising since its only a few blocks away from the school.  Only bar I've been to is The Ram.
Any good stores in Salem?  For that matter, anyone know of anything worth doing around Salem?  I'm heading down there for school.  Last semester I don't think I found a single person who could tell me something fun/interesting to do around town.  Hopefully I'll have time to catch a bus into Portland one weekend and visit Blackbird etc. 
Even works on the gift cards.
I tried to do the lumberjack thing, but it doesn't look very good, I just can't figure out exactly why.  Is it because the shirt and jeans are too similar in color and there isn't enough contrast?    Is the tag at the bottom of the shirt supposed to show like that?  In the stock photos they have it showing, but I'm thinking I might cut it off.   The boots are taupe R&B Mallory boots that I bought off Gilt.  They fit my feet really well and are very comfortable, but for...
The model's warrior-like appearance makes me half seriously wonder whether it's intended to evoke chain mail.  It's the first thing I thought of at least... [[SPOILER]]  
Based on the fact that he followed the comment up by saying "yea, I went there" I'm guessing he's referring to the wide gap between your thighs.  I've never heard of that being used as an indicator for muscle on the legs, but it makes sense.   Pretty cool....too bad they're size 6 1/2 lol.
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