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For sale is a pair of Japan Blue JB0701 Tight Straight Vintage Raw Selvedge Denim in size 31. I removed the tags and wore them around my house a couple of times, but they have never been worn outside. Purchased from Blue Owl Workshop, they are unhemmed, with no perceptible fading whatsoever and are in essentially perfect condition. Measurements (taken using BiG method): -Waist: 16.8" (33.6") -Front rise: 10.5" -Back rise: 14" -Upper thigh: 11.25" -Knee: 8.1" -Leg...
I'm considering buying a J Crew Bayswater Peacoat and I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice on sizing.     Here are my measurements:   Height - 6'0 Weight - 150 lb. Chest - 38 Shoulders - 19 Waist - 31   I'm trying to decide between Small and Medium, but I'm a little worried I might be between sizes and neither will look good on me.  Does anyone have any advice or suggestions for other coats that would fit my measurements? I'd be...
Hi,   I was just wondering if this is sold yet, and if not could I get the size/measurements and some pictures please?   Thanks
For sale is a brand new with tags, unworn, unwashed pair of RRL (Double RL) jeans in size 32x34.   These retail for $230 and are the nicest jeans I've ever owned, but unfortunately don't quite fit me.  I'm willing to trade for a pair in size 31x32 or 32x32 as long as they have a true BiG waist measurement of ~34".   Measurements (BiG method):     Waist: 36” Front Rise: 10.6” Back Rise:14.8” Thigh: 12” Knee: 8.8” Leg Opening: 8.5”   I'm open to...
I got a 3.
Do you know if they can ship stuff?  Or do you have to pick it up?
Does anyone know if the RRL stores take phone orders??  And if so, do you think they'd be willing to measure a pair of jeans for you??
Oh my bad. Thanks though!
I'm not sure.  The tag says Lot 390, Stock 31, but that's all I know.  That and the fact that they're marked 32 but actually have almost a 36-inch waist.
Alright, so if these were just slightly too loose on me (before even getting a chance to stretch), should I be looking for some with a true waist of around 34-34.5 inches to account for stretch?
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