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 Beautiful shoe guys, but since I already have the Alderley boot from Skoak I will skip this one.
Here you can find the list of Skoaktiebolaget that can be ordered without MTO charge. http://www.skoaktiebolaget.se/pages/edward-green-made-to-order   Please note that this list is not up to date since the Sandringham is not on the list.
DrizztD I also had major heel slipping at first in my Galway boots HA/F leather soles. Now I have worn them for a few hours heel slippage is almost gone.    Since the double leather sole is so thick I think they just need some break in time. I also have another Alderley boot with Dainite soles and these don't have almost no slippage at the heel. These boots are also a bit bigger 202 vs 82 so I really think it is just the thick leather sole.    In other boots from other...
For sale brand new in box Santoni Goodyear Penny loafers on the popular Wilson last.   Highest line of Santoni GY welted, beautiful leather.   Price SOLD.   Size UK 7.5 / EU 41.5   Color Dark Brown   Included shoe box and dust bags.    Worldwide shipping!        
For sale brand new with box and dustbags Santoni single monk.   Construction: Goodyear Welted   Color: Brown Suede   Size: UK 7.5   SOLD
Guys this is a chukka on the soller last. As you can see my pinky toe is sticking out a bit. I tried half a size up and this size was quite loose at the heel. Should I size up to accomadate my toes or stick with the smaller size for a snug heel fit?        
if the alderley don't fit I will post it here.   In that case I think you should pm Patrik from Skoak since his service is top notch!
thanks I guess the Alderley will fit than
can somebody advice me on sizing 82 vs 202 in E width same size or half size down on 202?
Me too same as p.henrik got a fraud email.    @Meermin check your security since they hacked your customer database.
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