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I'm looking for the EG Galway in last 82 UK 9E in good state size UK 9   If you have these and want to sell please pm me!
I'm looking for the C&J Harlech in good state size UK 8.5   If you have these and want to sell please pm me!
Thanks man, I bought last month a pair of Galways and these are HAF soles I assume?   http://www.hermansschoenen.nl/webshop/edward-green-galway-enkelboots_bruin_723.html   The reason they do this is to make the shoe more elegeant or does it have also walking benefit?   HA/F is that an abbrevation?
What are the different lines of JL?   -JL Paris (only bespoke?) -JL Saint Jermain (RTW and MTM?) -JL Prestige -JL normale line   Where is each line sold? How can you see which line it is?   Thx
Maybe a stupid question but can somebody explain what HAF soles are?
thanks for the feedback!
Guys somebody is selling the John Lobb Camborne for a nice price 30% off retail new with box. I'm doubting between this one and the William II (unfortunately full price) will be combined with jeans. Is this monk too formal perhaps?     edit: the buckles are a little closer to each other and there is no tongue on the camborne.
thx mate, almost pulled the trigger for the Harlech I heard they finished them this week :)
Everytime i see this boot it looks good!
thx man! You are going to buy one i hope you will post a pic.
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