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I bought a new pair of derbies/blusher the thing me worries is the wide space between the eyelet. Does this look bad?
I'm looking for the EG Galway in last 82 UK 9E in good state size UK 9   If you have these and want to sell please pm me!
I'm looking for the C&J Harlech in good state size UK 8.5   If you have these and want to sell please pm me!
Thanks man, I bought last month a pair of Galways and these are HAF soles I assume?   http://www.hermansschoenen.nl/webshop/edward-green-galway-enkelboots_bruin_723.html   The reason they do this is to make the shoe more elegeant or does it have also walking benefit?   HA/F is that an abbrevation?
What are the different lines of JL?   -JL Paris (only bespoke?) -JL Saint Jermain (RTW and MTM?) -JL Prestige -JL normale line   Where is each line sold? How can you see which line it is?   Thx
Maybe a stupid question but can somebody explain what HAF soles are?
thanks for the feedback!
Guys somebody is selling the John Lobb Camborne for a nice price 30% off retail new with box. I'm doubting between this one and the William II (unfortunately full price) will be combined with jeans. Is this monk too formal perhaps?     edit: the buckles are a little closer to each other and there is no tongue on the camborne.
thx mate, almost pulled the trigger for the Harlech I heard they finished them this week :)
Everytime i see this boot it looks good!
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