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For sale: Stunning suede jacket from Ralph Lauren Purple Label made in Italy for €1000,-   Jacket is brand new with tags still attached bought in Holland for €3000,- / $4000.   Material: 100% Lamb suede   Tagged size: Medium   Measurements:   Shoulder End to End : 18" / 45cm Armpit to Armpit : 21.5" / 55cm Shoulder End to Sleeve : 27.5" / 70cm Length From Bottom of Collar: 25.5" / 64cm     Shipping worldwide   Edit: tracking and insured shipping.
 Yeah can confirm that dutch styleforum is just crap. Nice to see people moving to .NET :)
Hi Punt you should change your nick to 'Rond' cheers Jordi ;)
 Beautiful shoes man!!  Is the suede chocolate? What do you think is it the same suede color as this one? http://www.hermansschoenen.nl/webshop/edward-green-galway-enkelboots_bruin_723.html
they say it is on the 82 last although I also think it looks like the chiseled 888 toe.   http://www.hermansschoenen.nl/webshop/edward-green-galway-enkelboots_bruin_723.html
Thinking about this setup:  
I prefer double dainite.
 If you are in we have 6 that is the magic number right?  Expect 830 pounds included VAT. 
Me too by skoak I hope asap so we have them with winter!
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