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That Kentmere is fucking nice!!
ty rydenfan looks more pointy than the 202 though.
Can somebody tell me which chukka model this is?   I was looking in the catalogue and was thinking maybe teh westonbirt or banbury?  
What's the reason behind not liningthe sleeves of a suede summer bomber jacket. All the sweat from your arms is touching the leather don't sounds good to me.
Yes but why not sleeve lining?
Hello,   I have bought a suede bomber jacket last week. This is my first suede jacket what turns out to be unlined. Do anybody know why there is no usage of cupro/bemberg inside?   It is not very nice to feel the leather on your skin when wearing short sleeves so I'm thinking of letting my tailor lining only the sleeves. Is it only be done to save costs by the manufacturer to produce the suede (leather) jacket unlined?    With sportcoats it is most of the time more...
Woow lovely Charlie. Aspley & Stratfield is a killer combo.
Yes Charlie thanks for your reply. Would like to hear some people who tried both. I mostly wear business casual i.e. jeans with a shirt to work. 
Guys anyone have both widths 1 3/8" and 1 5/8"?   I wear only slim jeans but still not sure if 1 5/8" is not too wide or just perfect. The buckle I will go for is the Aspley. 
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