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Hi NAMOR, thanks for yr pics... That cc walnut makes me greedy :)
Gents, finally got my galway in a half size bigger than my previous chelsea and westminster since they were too tight at the vamp.   The Galway is a derby boot so the issue with the two aforementioned two shoes is gone. However the eyelets of the lacing are almost closed. Should I go for a D width instead of the standard E width to avoid problems after the boot is walked in and the eyelets will be touching? The eyelets are now only 1-2mm seperated would concerns...
Nice to see you are happy with them!
  hehe mate, better for you so maybe there will be some dover's in the SALE :)
i don't feel anything for the Dover the appron is quite ugly if i'm honest. Luckily EG makes wonderful other shoes :)
I understand handcuffed I think he means there is no use in going MTO route for last #64 shearling lined since this is standard available from EG. So going MTO is causing extra charge for nothing.
i would like to make clear I heard this story from one galway owner so it is not clear to me what he did with the boots. Since other people don't have this issue it could be a individual case.
tifosi yes wearing through
I hear horror stories with the Galway and the suede shaft anyone have similar issues that the suede is coming off after lot of wear?
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