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Me too same as p.henrik got a fraud email.    @Meermin check your security since they hacked your customer database.
Very nice difficult to chose :)
ok thx for your reply! I was thinking about going up a width and down a half size..... At the trunkshow of EG Christopher Gumbs told me it is because the sole is stiff and is not following my feet however it is not getting much better after some serious walkin period; imo just too big heelcup.
  Justin, unfortunately I have the same problem with the heelcup it is immense in contrast to e.g. Carmina, Crockett Jones and Santoni. When I put one of these shoes on my heel is nicely locked in the heelcup. I dont understand why EG is not fixing this big heelcup issue since I have heard many more people complaining about this. @Laufer were they too big at the heelcup? Did going on size down and width up solve this heelcup issue?
That Kentmere is fucking nice!!
ty rydenfan looks more pointy than the 202 though.
Can somebody tell me which chukka model this is?   I was looking in the catalogue and was thinking maybe teh westonbirt or banbury?  
What's the reason behind not liningthe sleeves of a suede summer bomber jacket. All the sweat from your arms is touching the leather don't sounds good to me.
Yes but why not sleeve lining?
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