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Nice to see you are happy with them!
  hehe mate, better for you so maybe there will be some dover's in the SALE :)
i don't feel anything for the Dover the appron is quite ugly if i'm honest. Luckily EG makes wonderful other shoes :)
I understand handcuffed I think he means there is no use in going MTO route for last #64 shearling lined since this is standard available from EG. So going MTO is causing extra charge for nothing.
i would like to make clear I heard this story from one galway owner so it is not clear to me what he did with the boots. Since other people don't have this issue it could be a individual case.
tifosi yes wearing through
I hear horror stories with the Galway and the suede shaft anyone have similar issues that the suede is coming off after lot of wear?
you bought that boot in holland at FransBoone? He is heavily overpriced better buy in USA.
yes normal E.
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