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Sale is on in us
 Unfortunately it is stamped with EG initials. I hate merchandise name branding
I have a problem with my overcoat when I put it on my sportcoat or suit jacket moves up. Does this mean my coat is too small or is it normal with overcoats?
Santoni 1656 dark brown          
What a steal!! These are the high end fatte a mano (FAM) line of Santoni's which belong to their classic collection which means never into sale!   http://santonishoes.com/eu/loafer-76913.html
Not so much I think 250 euro. only size uk 7.5
i dont know the exact model. I can see they are blake and not goodyear stitched. I passed since it is a little too pointy for my taste.
Thinking of buying this one:  
Steven, very nice shoes I'm interested as well please sent me info :)
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