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 Beautiful shoes man!!  Is the suede chocolate? What do you think is it the same suede color as this one? http://www.hermansschoenen.nl/webshop/edward-green-galway-enkelboots_bruin_723.html
they say it is on the 82 last although I also think it looks like the chiseled 888 toe.   http://www.hermansschoenen.nl/webshop/edward-green-galway-enkelboots_bruin_723.html
Thinking about this setup:  
I prefer double dainite.
 If you are in we have 6 that is the magic number right?  Expect 830 pounds included VAT. 
Me too by skoak I hope asap so we have them with winter!
 I'm in as well if we do it by skoak. How many people do we have now and how many do we need?
Bought yesterday RL Black Label lamb skin.   
 Very nice buckle when is this buckle to order?
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