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aha ok! Thought same prinicipal as with Carmina    edit: I hope Skoak reads this and will stock another Alderley boot in the fall/winter :)
what do you mean EG doesn't accept MTO groups anymore?
I'm so happy with my Alderley boots in gold delapre from Skoak that I'm thinking of ordering it in Olive too. Anybody here interested in a MTO for the Alderley wingtip boot?
Contragulations Skoaktiebolaget!!    Wish you all the best with another great shoemaker
QC sucks at CJ had this problem too with a pair brand new. Stick with EG or JL you won't have this problems
I think my dog loves EG
 Just sent me a pm what you are looking for. I'm also visiting CJ since they already have two pair reserved for me overthere.
I can do proxy I'm in London this weekend.
 Beautiful shoe guys, but since I already have the Alderley boot from Skoak I will skip this one.
Here you can find the list of Skoaktiebolaget that can be ordered without MTO charge. http://www.skoaktiebolaget.se/pages/edward-green-made-to-order   Please note that this list is not up to date since the Sandringham is not on the list.
New Posts  All Forums: