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agreed, well taken care of :)
Those look great! Post more pics of how they are breaking in and how the quality is going.
I wonder when they will have burgundy shell daltons as second
they need to get better models who can fill those clothes
in my experience the daltons fit true to size.. however, it is best to go in store and get measured.  AE has many lasts and sizes and some lasts run longer than others.   Also that is a pretty big difference, maybe check to see that you printed it correctly
nice shoes but where would you wear those?
Delray are one of my favorite shoes and extremely versatile
i disagree, worn fitted selvedge looks great and can last forever
I like my blazers / sportcoats single vents and suits double vents.  For blazer, I like brown buttons because i am usually wearing brown shoes and belts with them
Thanks for the update
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