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I completely agree.. Those are ugly
I agree, those look better than the strand I think
The outlet sale looks good
Bah.. I need some cordovan shoes
I actually wear the same size in both lasts and they both fit great
I think some of my shoes have expanded slightly from shoe trees.  Even though they are the correct size from Allen Edmonds, they seem too big / difficult to put in and take out sometimes.  This seems to have only happened to shoes that had trees in them that have not been worn in a few months.   Has anyone experienced this and if so how can I bring the shoes back to their original size?
I am looking to buy a few pairs of Allen Edmonds shoes and would appreciate any $35 promo cards that Allen Edmonds sends out.  I will pay $15 for each gift card via paypal obo - I dont need the gift card but just the code.   If you are interested, please PM me directly and I will try to get back to you asap. Thank you
no thank you
AE has some good boots but I think few come close to the Burgundy shell Dalton...
Shelldaltons look amazing :)
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