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Go for a white or blue shirt, great tie, solid color pants (no-pinstripes), and a sportscoat turquoise might draw too much attention at a wedding so be more conservative
Try CT or TM Lewin - both make great and affordable non-iron slim fit shirts
Brown is considered less formal but not really.. Cap toes are more formal and monk straps are less formal - all my dress shoes are either dark brown or black so the color of the shoes is usually irrelevant.
natural for me but slightly padded for those with smaller shoulders
try different shoes or try some insoles for your shoes - maybe your socks are too thick?
shoes are meant to be worn, if its raining or snowing wear your beat-up shoes (you know the ones)
depending on the brand, it can be done.. You can also stretch the shoe although not recommended
Try to find a coat that fits well in the shoulders but not too tight since you might want to layer things with it. Also, look for a fabric that is warm yet durable.
why not go to the store and check them out or ask to see sample items before ordering the coupon
you are paying for the brand image, but more expensive items (I.e Tom Ford) will have better material and construction.
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