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don't get that machine.. Apply light steam or let a professional cleaner handle it.
I follow the same principles and aim to never flood myself with too many shoes
not fixable
sadly he wrote a great book but is too full of himself.. He dresses like a bum
probably shoes - maybe 2 pairs of Allen Edmonds at the moment at least..
I would go for an Omega as well, great quality and brand. Go for a Seamaster or de Ville
Tucking is not the problem.. Tucking is easy and you can almost not make a mistake. try less baggy shirts from the side or shirts with a longer tail
Great looking shoes! My next purchase will be these same shoes and color. Just return them if the problem persists, otherwise try to replace the insoles with something thicker?
I find the fabric similar to ctshirts and lewin with a better fit Stick to their shirts.. Not suits
its all about contrast - balance that and most colors can work
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