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Great looking shoes! My next purchase will be these same shoes and color. Just return them if the problem persists, otherwise try to replace the insoles with something thicker?
I find the fabric similar to ctshirts and lewin with a better fit Stick to their shirts.. Not suits
its all about contrast - balance that and most colors can work
I see what you did there Bill Cosby...
if you invest in good shoes (like Allen Edmonds), that fit you, with quality leather.. Then creasing will not be as bad
don't feel guilty. Try the shoe and save some money for future purchases
I suggest doing more lifting depending on your age. Look into programs like starting strength and eat clean foods while bulking a bit. Longer terms its healthier for you and will make you fit better in clothing
buy a bin/container for your uw, socks, misc, etc and place that by the closet - freeing up some closet space
well said
I agree with this point.. Its all about how the shoe fits that makes you feel confident
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