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I am shocked that raybanman does not know the answer to this question
sandals are fine but they get too much heat here because they are abused too often. I wear sandals or flip flops mostly by the beach, gym lockers, pools, quick errands, etc. A convenience thing really and never with socks
I would not rock them mainly because of the red since it gives it a clownish look. Otherwise, maybe with dark wash jeans and black shirt it can give you that party look. With that said, it depends on the shine of he suede as well..
don't get that machine.. Apply light steam or let a professional cleaner handle it.
I follow the same principles and aim to never flood myself with too many shoes
not fixable
sadly he wrote a great book but is too full of himself.. He dresses like a bum
probably shoes - maybe 2 pairs of Allen Edmonds at the moment at least..
I would go for an Omega as well, great quality and brand. Go for a Seamaster or de Ville
Tucking is not the problem.. Tucking is easy and you can almost not make a mistake. try less baggy shirts from the side or shirts with a longer tail
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