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agreed. I do not wear trench coats at all but if you want to pull off the look, make sure it fits you correctly
I cannot see what, if any, value that would bring.. however, I am sure you can get all he materials to make it online or at the hardware store if you really wanted
sweaters are one of the few things that I still buy from BR
for a formal look - top row, white face and black strap for a casual look - one of the top row weekenders
I use a tie hanger.. It holds about 24 ties and virtually takes no space in the closet
You can actually find a jacket for both situations but it will be hard. The most important thing is a good fit in the shoulders (not too tight but good enough to wear with a sweater. The thing that will be in question is the fit of the chest in both scenarios as it can be too tight with a sweater.
lets all try and not get too excited about this remarkable day
I am shocked that raybanman does not know the answer to this question
sandals are fine but they get too much heat here because they are abused too often. I wear sandals or flip flops mostly by the beach, gym lockers, pools, quick errands, etc. A convenience thing really and never with socks
I would not rock them mainly because of the red since it gives it a clownish look. Otherwise, maybe with dark wash jeans and black shirt it can give you that party look. With that said, it depends on the shine of he suede as well..
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