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go for some quality insoles and don't look back
Happy holidays
wow... Am I the only one that sees something wrong with a 16 yr old high schooler wearing these? Its not a problem you want to dress better but I think you need some fashion sneakers at least. I went to a public HS in NY and never saw someone with these.
2011 Insights... 1. Joined SF and read much more about style . Learned a ton 2. Focused more on fit, style, and functionality 3. Built a much better wardrobe - over 15 shirts, a few pants, suits, SC, shoes, etc. 4. More confident about my style 5. Learned about what to buy and what to avoid at all costs 2012 Hopes.. 1. Spend less time on SF and more on nutrition and bodybuilding routine (get in the best shape of my life) 2. Buy the perfect black dress shoe. 3. Buy the...
quit complaining and just go to another tailor.. first lesson jn business, you will not always get what you want and need to find alternatives
this is like asking how do you eat.. Everyone is different but the end result is the same use the method that saves you the most time
it has depends on the ironing board, iron, and dampness of the shirt The techniques and ways you iron also count.. 15min is too long to iron each shirt I think
good point, post some more pics soon!
great collection just don't get carried away :-P
OP makes a very compelling point.. Fitness > Style
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