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^^   I have the same issue with my monks and the reason i stopped wearing them all togather
Awesome looking burnished wingtips!
any idea when they will have the 2 for 250 sale?
I really need to condition my AEs, -- how often do you all take care of your shoes?
I wish i purchased these a while back instead of the fifth ave - awesome shoes
I am looking to buy a few pairs of Allen Edmonds shoes and would appreciate any $35 promo cards that Allen Edmonds sends out.  I will pay $15 for each gift card via paypal obo - I don't need the gift card but just the code.   If you are interested, please PM me directly (do not reply to this thread) and I will try to get back to you asap. Thank you
I am looking for a new (or very close to new) Belstaff Roadmaster waxed jacket in sz Small or Medium (size 46). Please contact me if you are looking to sell yours.
I would totally buy a pair! I love the eagle county but hate the white sole.
I hope the Black Friday sale at the outlets is awesome! I am looking for an excuse to buy more shoes
I have rubber soles on all my shoes. It makes them less slippery and thinks it is better for the life of the shoes.
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