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I would totally buy a pair! I love the eagle county but hate the white sole.
I hope the Black Friday sale at the outlets is awesome! I am looking for an excuse to buy more shoes
I have rubber soles on all my shoes. It makes them less slippery and thinks it is better for the life of the shoes.
What about leaving them in the sun for a few hours? That might help a little.
Yeah, this is a tough one.. They are great shows but might not be a good for for you and wearing them will not change the gap.
I am really thinking of selling my neumora and getting the mora 2 instead
On sizing, you maybe be different sizes in different lasts.
The Jefferson is a great shoe
I got the neumora a few months ago but really regret that I did not wait for the Mora 2..
Sometimes it's ok to go merlot shoes and black pants
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