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It's been 3 years since I purchased a pair of Turnouts and I feel like getting another color. The place I bought it at no longer carries RM Williams. So where's the best place to order from nowadays?
Measurement for sleeve length from shoulder to cuff?
Well I don't have any HL from recent reasons but my pair from 1999 didn't stretch much.
Haha yeah I've read upon the "Jantzen experience" in MC but I wanted verification this lack of response and no order confirmation is normal. My favorite thread is VMan's critique my Jantzen shirt post.
I placed an online order with Jantzen back on 9/26. Is there no confirmation number or email verifying the order went through? Does Jantzen not respond to emails? Is there a better or safer way to order with them? I realize their order form is not secure and sloppy but I took a gamble to see how their shirts will turn out.
I go to Marshall Salon and they have 3 korean stylists but I prefer using the same guy. They speak a little broken english but it's not a problem. My stylist typically shampoos, cut, shampoos, trims up and will offer to style afterwards. Getting that killer hair is part cut and part knowing how to style it properly. 8015 Pendleton Pike Indianapolis, IN 46226 (317) 890-9513 What salons have you tried? I'm wondering what other places are out there.
Quote: Originally Posted by sjmin209 Sadly, I was just told that of the 7 things I ordered, none are actually in stock. I won't be wasting my time with bluebee any more. Same here. Ordered some PRPS and I get an email the next day saying they don't really have it in stock.
Take it to the tailor. They'll put thread in the hole to make it smaller so the button fits snug again. It only costs $1.00.
I have a size 8 US beeswax desert boot that I might sell. The color and texture is awesome but I'm a size 7-7.5 and these fit loose. They would work for someone in 8-9. It's been worn outside a few times and the sole gets super dirty fast but it's expected from Clarks.
Dammit! Don't leave yet. Can you pick up 28x30 and 29x30?
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