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Hmm. It appears I'm more of an idiot than I realised. Thanks gents.
Not spam, I'm just an ignoramus on this subject. It's an Indochino suit, I specified flat fronted trousers when I ordered. This may have been a mistake on my part, but there it is.
I had a friend take my suit to the dry cleaners to be de-wrinkled. The previously flat-fronted trousers have come back with creases down the legs, which makes them look terrible. Can this problem be rectified? How? The fabric is wool.
Just got my Ultimate Gray. Opinions? Too pinched in at the waist? Obviously ignore the non-shoes, non-tie and just-unpacked-from-China wrinkles.  
Well, I just ordered an Ultimate Gray Suit. Fingers crossed. Has anyone else noticed that some of the advanced customisation options have been removed?
I sent an email querying this request and got the following response. It was a reply, but it went to the address that is all over their site.     Thank you for your reply.   I appreciate your vigilance and understand that you do not wish to send information online.   Please be advised that I requested this information because I am unable to verify your account details. This is a part of our fraud prevention process and will need to be...
I ordered the tailor's kit from indochino and just got this email:   

I am very sorry, however, your order has been listed in our security check process and for your protection, I need you to answer a few questions and verify some documents in order to process your order.

 Can you please email me a scanned copy of your Photo ID, as well as a scanned copy of your credit card within 72 hours.  You can black out the middle 8 numbers using tape to protect your...
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