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  I understand how final sale can be annoying, but you have to understand that a company as large as J.Crew has to get rid of their spring/summer stuff in order to make room for fall/winter.   And as far as a Factory goes, that's actually not the case.  It's a completely separate line.  No items from the mainline make their way to the Factory line.
PM'd.  Also, as per B&S forum rules, you can no longer request payment by gift or add 4% in your listing.  Just a heads up 'cause some folks have been banned for doing so!
  They just had another 40% off sale, but no Aldens were marked down, so the 40% off didn't work for them.  Ask him, it's his.
^ I wouldn't say they're too tight.  Look fine to me.
Brown or black?
  Mike seems like an awesome guy, but I have to agree with this.  Shorts are too short (and I wear my shorts pretty short too, but your legs are killers, dude) and the polo seems kind of tight.
  Yes.  I'm not positive, but I think it was gone before I'd first mentioned it.
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