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These have been worn one time.  Pretty much perfect condition.  Free shipping.  You know the deal with VANS.   EDIT:  They're off-white, not white.
  Ha ha ha
  Received 8D and 8.5D from johnnyrich7.  Anybody have 9D?  Thanks!
Can someone PM me with TSM's seconds list for sizes 8D, 8.5D, and 9D?  Thanks in advance.
  Definitely look for one that's labeled slim fit.  Your best bet is probably eBay or B&S 'cause Levi's doesn't have too many good ones right now.  You're probably not looking to spend this kind of money, but this one is awesome.
  Check eBay.  I found some for $10 each.  Though, I'm not positive they ship outside the US.
Final drop to $175.00 shipped.
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