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 Quoting my own post here. Nepenthes NY will have the B1P pant in olive moleskin. Price $288
B1P pants?   Any of the shops carrying it?       Photo from here http://nepenthesny.com/thisfrom/
Lots of Havana in there, must be really popular with the customers.   I want to see more Copenhagen jackets!
Is this supposed to be the 2.5" collar?   http://www.eastdane.com/oxford-shirt-gitman-vintage/vp/v=1/1523399355.htm?folderID=28578&colorId=35766
Wool Copenhagen in navy please
I have a navy ripstop bedford for sale if anyone is interested.
New with tag. Size small.   $13.00 shipping to anywhere in the US.   No int. shipping unless you can get a proxy.
Elbow patches are classy
^ Look at the post by Knight.   Those Bedford jackets look great.   Too bad there are no bakers this season, really wanted one in wool.
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