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From Nepenthes Japan.  
Willy Post Pant in Olive HCT.   American Rag CIE The Bureau The Business Del Store Fott Supplies and Co.   That's what Nepenthes said, Nehru jacket probably in production.
US and Canada only I believe.
 You can always e-mail Nepenthes NY and ask for a list of stockist who will have the coat. Or if you really want it just buy it over the phone from them.
Willy Post Pant.  
Indigo & Cotton has the Bedford in High Count Twill - Dk. Navy
I'm not sure if is recent or not but Mr. Porter is out of most sizes.   One thing I noticed is that the belt loops in the back of that Chino are farther apart than on the Davis Slim Chinos.
Anyone recognize these? Pic is from Mr. Porter but I couldn't find it on the CM website.  
ODIN has further reductions!
Shop Coat    
New Posts  All Forums: