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 To pleat or not to pleat. 
You should get in touch with Nepenthes and tell them which fabrics to use for their clothes.
 Yeah, I really like the spread collar shirts over the work shirts or the 19th Century BDs. SS15 they had a light blue spread collar which I really liked but I didn't pick it up because upon closer inspection it had a herringbone pattern. Anyways the rounded collar shirts are really nice for this collection, might pick up a couple.
 I don't think so, typically the spread collar shirt is something you see in the FW collections.
No Spread Collar shirts this season.
@Drinkwaters @CSCoHammers7   Any pants and shorts in Cavalry Twill?   Thanks!
Baker in Navy Tulip Print.  
Aviator and Knit Ties provided by CSCoHammers7     Aviator Jacket Indigo Cotton Dungaree Cloth Khaki Washer Twill Olive Washer Twill Dk. Navy Washer Twill Navy Seersucker Stripe Grey PC Glen Plaid Navy Dolphin Print Grey Tropical Wool Navy Tropical Wool     Knit Tie Grey/White/Royal Horizontal Stripe Navy/White Diagonal Stripe Navy/White Polka Dot
That Homespun Bedford from FW14 is the best!
^ The Shop Coat.
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