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Nepenthes NY will carry it.   I think mbaum said Mohawk General Store has it.
Nehru Jacket.          
 Only the sleeve lining is rayon/polyester.
Microfiber Taffeta Bedfords. 100% Nylon        
While we wait for mbaums pics.   These are from doo-bop and loftman.                
@mbaum is that the shop coat?   If that round collar shirt was small I would take it from you   Did you get the shirt from Nepenthes?
Chelsea Jacket. From Frans Boone.      
From Nepenthes Japan.  
Willy Post Pant in Olive HCT.   American Rag CIE The Bureau The Business Del Store Fott Supplies and Co.   That's what Nepenthes said, Nehru jacket probably in production.
US and Canada only I believe.
New Posts  All Forums: