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Double breasted jacket. Nice!
^ Yes.   Bedfords   Olive Cotton Ripstop Dk. Navy High Count Twill Natural 6.5oz Flat Twill Khaki 6.5oz Flat Twill Navy 6.5oz Flat Twill Olive Microfiber Taffeta Navy Microfiber Taffeta Blue Cotton Dungaree Cloth Charcoal Diamond Pique Dk. Navy Cotton Floral Jacquard Twill   Thanks to Steven for the list.
Well you'll never see me wearing fur.   Fake or not.
Lots of stuff at the Bureau.   Functional cuffs on the Baker now?!
Gentry has some stuff up .
@Drinkwaters   How does the fabric feel for the Bedford in High Count Twill?   Thanks!
Looks like they made a mistake on Look No. 8   Anyways this look is amazing, don't think I could wear that jacket though!   Thanks catchh!  
Yeah sure.   Just want to know if they are as slim as pair of Urban slim chinos from J.Crew or even the 484 line.
New Posts  All Forums: