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I'd say the fit is more like the Baker, if EG jackets fit you well then the Dexter should too.   Found some measurements for the Dk. Navy Uniform Serge Dexter, though I wouldn't know if they are accurate.   Small Shoulder to Shoulder - 17.3" Pit to Pit - 19.7 Sleeve Length - 23.2" Length - 26"   Medium Shoulder to Shoulder - 18.1" Pit to Pit - 21" Sleeve Length - 24.4" Length - 28"   Large Shoulder to Shoulder - 18.9" Pit to Pit - 22" Sleeve Length -...
 I have one from FW15 and it fits great. Do EG jackets like the baker and bedford fit you good?    
Odin New York just put up their EG stuff on the website.
Here's a feature on Arknet's exclusive Bedfords.   http://www.arknets.co.jp/ext/feature/16aw_eg_20th/index.html   The green one is really nice.
 Nepenthes NY has it in stock.
A couple of exclusive Bedfords for Arknets JP.   8oz Heavy Twill  
This one is pretty funky.  
 This one? 
Did they run out of the original removable buttons?   The new ones are similar but not exactly the same.   Seems they'll be coming back in SS17.  
Here's a list of various items, thanks to @CSCoHammers7   Andover: Dk. Navy Chino Twill Grey Worsted Wool Dk. Navy Worsted Wool Navy Stripe Worsted Wool Charcoal Wool Geo Jacquard Bedford: Olive Cotton Double Cloth (Drinkwater's) Navy NyCo Reversed Sateen Khaki 11W Corduroy Black Cotton Dobby Charcoal Wool Serge Dk. Navy Uniform Serge Dk. Navy 20oz Melton (Drinkwater's) Grey/Navy Polka Dot Jacquard Navy/Grey Polka Dot Jacquard Baker: Khaki 11W Corduroy Blackwatch...
New Posts  All Forums: