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TBB has their EG stuff online
http://www.nepenthes.co.jp/   Digital catalogs are up for EG, FWK and Needles.
@Drinkwaters @CSCoHammers7   Let us know the fit on the Dexter Jacket when it drops!
I'm definitely looking forward to the Moleskin bedfords, I missed out on the Navy one last FW.   I'm guessing no elbow patches and leather buttons for these.
Nice look. Is that the High count twill bedford?
Hey Gary, what are the prices for the moleskin bedford and uniform serge bedford?
Thanks Gary and Steven!   What about the Baker jacket? Same fabrics as the Bedford?
 That looks alot like the knitted blazers they had last FW. 
If anyone owns a pair of the Japan Olive Chinos, mind sharing a personal picture?
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