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Loftman got some shirts.     https://eq.loftman.co.jp/products/list.php?name=&type=mens&category_id=0&shop=&maker_id=26
More spread collars     Thanks catchh!
@Meekus: All of them will match up nicely with the suit.   Personally I prefer the white dots.
^ Did you check Kafka for the vest?
Retail $252 Brand new with tag. Size Small   Free shipping + no paypal fee.   Thanks for looking!
 The more you know!
Pretty sure the Bedford in navy homespun is only for FWK.   Probably a typo.
Anyone ever undo the rolled up cuffs on any of the cinch pants?   Not a fan of those but I want to get one of those cinch pants!
 So a 3 button jacket with patch pockets is now a bedford?
Any stockists in the US that carry the Spread collar shirt tan brown gun club twill & the Cinch wool pant in antique herringbone brown?   Thanks.
New Posts  All Forums: