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Hi Guys,   Is there a good thread or a guide for polishing your shoes? i have seen some youtube videos but i want some more info and knowledge. Iam using saphire products (creme and pata de lux)   Thank you
Hi guys   I have written on the form of C&J website but iam not getting any replyes from them. Wich store in London is the best? and i also wonder how much the shoes cost iam looking to buy a pair of   Bedford or Hallam (oxfords) and a pair of chelsea    
I bought a cheap leather belt and it has a tendecy to smell a bit wierd when its hot outside and when its been used for two days straight. Is it the bad quality or does leather do this?
I never got an answer. I have this summer started a collection of welted quality shoes. My dress class is not as good as the most of your and im wearing jeans, chinos with shirts. I have bought a pair of c&j double monks and two pair of loafers, i need another pair of "casual" shoes. I was thinking of a pair of black/dark brown oxfords with broughes.   What kind of model could you recomend for casual clothing?   thank you
Hi guys   Iam looking for another pair of welted quality shoes. I have this summer bought C&J brown lowndes (double monk) and 2 pair of loafers (1 black and 1 brown). I need one last pair for casual clothing,   mostly used with jeans and shirt.   The brand will be Crocket and jones and im thinking of a pair of black or brown oxford with broghues. What do you think ? (sorry for my english)
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