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Hooded bomber fits to large for me. (SOLD) Zipper bomber fits to small. (will let it go for $150 shipped)   PM me for any questions. Thanks.
Robert Geller Soak Tee FW2012 Size 48 - Worn less than 2 times - $75 or reasonable offer - SOLD     Robert Geller Lang Tee FW2013 Size 48 - Worn less than 2 times - $100 or reasonable offer - SOLD
God damn. period.
body length front 24 body length back 26.5
the length of the jacket falls a bit below my belt. I am about 5'7 and weigh around 155 lbs. My chest is around 37" and the jacket laid flat is 21" but the suede does mold around the body and has stretch. If your about my size stock 50 should be good for you. The size is good for me but it is just not my style. Just ask if you have any more questions.
No specific parts just on the sleeves and body very very faint droplets but barely can see them
Will post pics tonight
Discounted TOJ baseball jacket size 50. Worn max 10 times. Very thick nice suede. Couple points about this jacket - Button on one pocket of the jacket is loose - very easy to fix by tailor or yourself - The ribbing on the arms is slightly dirty. Can be easily removed with soap if needed. - Very minor water damage as got caught in a rain shower - can barely see it Other than those minor issues its a very very nice jacket. Going for a very low price.
gonna revise my package since the one I got was so good. Will Ship max Monday. Sorry.
mine going out tomorrow!   As well here is some pics of my swap package I received from Singh. Very cool package and new foods I have never tried before. He split the food groups by region (India/Hipster haha / Signapore) and as well included two books that he enjoyed. Can't wait to dig into the food and books. I think I am going to get addicted to the tea, always wanted to try it out.  Thanks man!          
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