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Used, washed twice. There are three micro holes in the denim(pictured) from cuffing them. Price includes shipping.
Looking for a pair, preferably new or lightly used.
These were worn for about five months until it got too hot out. They have one wash. There are some faint fades in them but otherwise good condition. They are the 14.5 oz indigo selvedge.
Bass Buckingham in 10D. I wore these last summer. They are in pretty good shape, never worn in rain, and always have had shoe trees in them. Price includes shipping.
Here is a link to the same shoes, they are Nordstom's house brand. Listed are the "slate" color:     These have been worn probably 20 times. They are in very good condition. The extra laces that came with the shoes are included. I'm asking $20, including...
Don't fret, here will be another similiar sale before Christmas.
Worn less than ten times, in very good condition.   They are dark brown suede and fit a half size smaller than dress shoes (these would be a 10.5 in Allen Edmonds.)   Some reviews of these shoes:
That red wool vest is dope. Also very expensive.  
  Buy the straight leg ones and have them tapered- the straights have a higher rise than the slims.
I tried on the quilted jacket from this season and I agree about the stiffness. When you wear it unbuttoned the jacket sticks straight out.  
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