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I'm truthfully sorry. The whole anonymous and 'purely democratic' nature of the internet where everybody is the same and there is no hierarchy scares me. That was the fear talking.
You've got a negative attitude Alex. I've noticed that.
Like most questions that elicit completely contradictory responses, the answer is always "simple."
Even if the suit pants have belt loops?
When I wasn't pouring out Coca-Cola bottles to fill up with dip spit, yes. I pulled it out of my shopping cart when I got tired of staring at my feet in line... dick.
May 2012's edition of GQ featured an article about a professional stylist, Llaria Urbinati, in which she (the stylist) insists that men should not wear belts with suits because it looks "bulky." I didn't immediately take off my belt in the middle of the grocery store and renounce the leather apparatus for good, but I am starting to become less suspicious of her claim. I do feel like it adds bulk. Somebody on SF tell me whether I should be averse to bulk.   And, by...
I've been looking for a velvet blazer for ~ 3 months now. For what it's worth, I haven't found anything better than the one at the end of that hyperlink. I say: go for it brutha. 
  That's certainly not an exhaustive list of where I keep my ties... or my socks. In fact, ties and socks seem to abound everywhere in my house. Although, one particular place where I keep ties is, I think, particularly exciting: I hang my bow ties on an Artemide Tolomeo lamp that stands on my dresser such that the second limb is parallel to the ground. It looks really sharp, actually.
But he does stand out in terms of dress by forgoing the tie/jacket and it is being used against him I did not word my post carefully enough, however. What I meant to say was that I don't agree with the president of the United States being bullied for not buying his clothes where the average joe can't afford to. You're certainly right about why it is such.
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