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Sent PM. Thanks!
5-8 years is long time in car years. I'd go with something fairly classic looking and reliable. 3 series styling would have been ideal since they don't change too dramatically. However, that's a bad idea with the reliability in mind. I'd go for a lightly used Acura TSX if I were in your position.
It's a good balance of fun and practicality for a daily driver. Drawback is that the random VW electronic bugs are still present from my limited experience (girl I'm seeing drives a 2010 gti). The interior is pretty nice... I really like the thick steering wheel with the flat bottom and it has good leather seats. And, driving dynamics are quite good for a fwd car. Zippy but not a blistering fast car. I'd say give it a test drive! You'll know whether it's for you once...
Lexus IS300 Sportcross (the rarish wagon version of the car). Bulletproof engine and decent looks.
supplier to the u.s. military i think:
I'll take the Hugo Boss boots. They look great. I work down the road in Bev Hills. Can we arrange for pickup and exclude the shipping? Let me know!
pretty much every car in that category has been named... random stuff that may or may not have been mentioned: maybe a clubman s? or, the new alfa romeo giulietta? focus rs or focus w/ ecoboost would be stellar as well when the new one comes out.
i'm not sure if you've misspoken.. however, their insurance should be taking care of this... not yours. his insurance is required to pay you for your totaled car and should be managing the process. it will most likely still have to be inspected and evaluated for it's value, etc. i would take it to a dealership body shop for the inspection... not the other guys insurance's "preferred shop". if you didn't get their insurance information already the police will have it...
this debate on front vs rear wheel drive reminded me of an old video i saw of a volvo vs saab in snow. i think it was filmed in sweden... lets just say... front wheel drive is the way to go if you're not going awd.
I know this guy from Ireland that writes the following blog: It introduced me to the Villagers song "Becoming a Jackal" today which I'm really liking. He also interviews a good few artists, etc.
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