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bump for measurements? is that kosher?
Bump! measured these suckers. Skinner: Waist 14.5" Thigh 10.5" Knee 8" Leg opening 9.5" Front rise 8" Back rise 11" Edwin: Waist 14.5" Thigh 10" Knee 7" Leg opening 9" Front rise 10" Back rise 12"
ok, revised:
Yeah, the blazer fit does suck, now that I look at it. As far as the diesels and saucony's go, are they really that offensive? I feel like the saucony jazz is right up there with classic new balance/adidas/nike/asics as far as classic sneakers go. And Portland's darned cold right now. I ended up switching out the blazer for a raincoat.
American Apparel t-shirt Montbell down jacket Thrift-store wool blazer Diesel jeans (don't hate, my APC's are at the tailor) Saucony sneakers Skagen watch
Is the denim sanforized?
It's not that there's anything wrong with having a shirt end at the beltline, but you don't want it showing your belly when you raise your arms over your head...
Attn members of StyleForum: Please stop posting pictures of yourselves looking damned good in 5EPxSF jeans, or I will spend money I don't have and buy them.
you think that guy's for real?
possibly. Is there a chance you could take sleeve/jacket length/chest measurements?
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