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ebay can create some pretty good saved searches. Separate terms with commas and put them in a parentheses, and it'll find any of them. add a minus before a term and it'll exclude those. filter by size and price range and you're good. mine: (selvage,selvedge,apc,evisu,RRL,nudie,5ep,raw denim,self-edge,flathead,iron heart,uniqlo,5ep,imperial) -(g*star, gstar, g-star, diesel) in men's jeans filtered by <$200 and waist <28. save it as a favorite search, have ebay email...
pm sent
I'd fit it perfect (5'4" and 125lb), but it's a little rich for my bones
Just curious as to whether any of you had found this site on the interwebs. A forum associated with a supplement store, it seems to be a gathering place for bodybuilders in general, and supplement enthusiasts in particular. I was thinking of starting an ECA stack, so I figured poking around might give some insight into the effiacy of different products. It's interesting sorting legitimate-seeming product reviews from shills from "I bought it and I don't want to feel bad...
do any of those asthma medicines not have guafenesin? I don't like the idea of taking an unnecessary amount of expectorant every day
odd question: is there any site/store/forum (besides ebay) where I might be able to find clothes from a specific store from a past season? a girl I know has a women's french connection jacket that fits me perfectly, and I'm trying to figure out if there's any way to find it.
Do you tend to size up or down with nudies?
Is there any place or situation where charcoal would be appropriate but navy wouldn't? or any considerations other than personal preference I should be making when picking?
they should work now...
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