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These are a 27, and my measurements are getting an aligned, buttoned waist of 14.5
From the mynudies skull contests, tagged 27. Raw, not one-wash (but sanforized). Brand new with tags, wore only for fit. Sweet, dark, stiff, somewhat hairy denim. Interested in something with a bigger thigh/seat, but otherwise pretty similar. Imperial dukes would be spectacular. Waist 14.5 Front rise 9.5 Back rise 13.5 Thigh 10.25 Knee 7.5 Hem 7 $175 or make me a trade offer.
Skull 5507XX 6x6 27. Unsoaked (but the denim's sanforized), and mad tight. I can fasten all the buttons, but it definitely feels strained. I'm not sure whether I like the fit or not yet, looking for some help deciding whether to keep or sell these.
Skinners $45...
pm sent...
Quote: Originally Posted by whacked You don't want to do that. Women's jackets have zippers / buttons on the opposite side, which others (especially chicks) WILL notice. Different, and not necessarily flattering cuts, as well. May be look at men's jackets with cuts described as lean or trim (aka, not "relaxed)? I don't know. As far as outerwear goes, I tend to buy women's smalls (mediums for base-layer or arc'teryx), and have never had it...
Looking at their measurements, I exactly fit a women's small. Because there aren't any returns or exchanges, anyone want to make a judgement call on whether some of these jackets are cut too feminine?
Price drop- $50 each
Quote: Originally Posted by haganah Stand normally, hands down, and the bottom of the jacket should hit right where your fingers meet your palm. Is that a maximum, a minimum, or the rule?
So I'm getting a suit from TaT, but they need to know how long I want my jacket. Are there hard-and-fast rules about minimum jacket length? All I've heard is cover-your-butt, but what exactly does that mean? I'm looking to go as short as possible (I have a long torso/short legs)without making a major faux pas.
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