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I've had DZ hem pants, slim up shirts, and slim up and raise the hem of a jacket. They've got a good eye for what can be done w/out unbalancing a garment, have good attention to detail, and are super-nice and dirt cheap.
Skinners $40, or take them both away for $75.
$175 shipped!
um, if you guys need these things there's a ton of them in san francisco, and I'd be happy to proxy 'em out.
I feel like wear beyond removable creases cuts jeans' value approximately in half. Good luck at that price.
Cyclist denim from selfedge...relaxed thigh, skinny leg, badass.
The rise really isn't a big problem, mine was just the hips and thighs. Even though the thighs don't seem too skinny on paper, the top block is cut so you really do need pretty skinny hips to rock these. if the tight hips didn't restrict me from sitting cross-legged, I would probably be keeping these and looking damned good in them. but definitely don't size down 2. down 1 is doable depending on your measurements. bicyclists and the large-thighed should buy true to...
$45 each...
If you've got skinny hips, probably. Otherwise, no. I can button the top button without much effort, but the second- and third- to the top give me trouble. Basically, you need to not have a cyclist's ass/thighs if you want to fit in your tagged size. If you do, you should probably size up one.
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