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price drops! Johnbulls $120 Edwins/Levis $40 Helmut Lang $25
skulls SOLD
diggingfish has dibs. the inseam is 34.
Levi's Capital E Skinner Bootcut- Way slubbier denim than I expected, and a nice low-rise fit. Raw but with factory-done classy combs and lap whiskers. Some wear on the hems. $40 Waist 14.5" Thigh 10.5" Knee 8" Leg opening 9.5" Front rise 8" Back rise 11" Helmut Lang cropped selvage jeans Ankle jeans for summer! Mad small, 26x27 or so.
Edwin E-Function Twisted- funky twisted inseam, cool pockets, raw denim (not selvage). More trendy Japanese than denim purist, but nice jeans. $45 Waist 14.5" Thigh 10" Knee 7" Leg opening 9" Front rise 10" Back rise 12" pix here
Basically, finally found denim that suits me, and ditching everything that doesn't. New/worn only for fit unless otherwise indicated. Various jeans that don't quite fit me right. Mostly interested in selling, but open to trade offers. As far as trades go, like-new condition only, no bootcuts, no factory distressing. True 28-ish (27 nudies, 26 apc, 28 skull/levis). $250 shipped for the whole lot. Johnbull 513BD 28 - Repro cut, stiff and dark, hidden coinpocket selvage...
Yeah, are those the indigo's? They're a different hue than your average raw denim...
If you've got a small chest, check out threadless' new house brand. They run cheap, have some cool printing, and actually make a men's xs. A step below AA in terms of construction, but definitely on the slim side.
nah, most short guys are lacking in leg length more than they are torso length. Slim straight or tapered jeans, no excessive stacking, short and/or cropped blazers to make your legs seem longer, and generally clean lines. Not being able to rock extreme slouching/slacking/artfully disheveled fits is one of the downsides of being short. btw, a little bit of stacking can balance out big thighs in the same way a bootcut does.
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