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I go to school in Oregon, and need reasonable campus/casual boots for the rainy season. Main criteria: -Waterproof -Not too chunky (I'm 5'3", 27" inseam, 130lb) -No suede Currently scoping: -Timberlands -Made-in-china Red Wings (RW originals and the like) -Sebagos -Clarks roar/ironhead/non-DB -Camper -Random work boots ( If it helps, I mostly wear jeans, flannel, and a hoodie, jacket, or both.
Alternatives to Red Wing GT's for smaller feet? Looking for something in black with not too chunky of a sole.
damn, I wear a 7 in chucks. that means at least a 6.5, maybe a 6. what's the next best alternative for a classy boot that comes in small sizes?
I wear a 7 in most dress shoes and sneakers. This means I'll either need a 6 or 6.5 in GT's, right? Do they even make them that small?
I never wore uniqlo over this last year in Japan, because it's the most boring, ubiquitous stuff out there. Returning home to Portland, though, I feel like uniqlo flannels are going to become my campus go-to. They've got a great fit, layer easy, and top off raw denim nicely.
One week left in Tokyo. $500. What do you buy?
One week left in Japan, with a little spending money left over from an internship here. Don't really have a bag other than timbuk2 messenger packs, and itching for something a little classier (but not too flambouyant, since I'm headed back to down-to-earth portland). Suggestions? Porter?
interested. these pretty slubby/ uneven?
$160 for all of 'em, $100 for the johnbulls. Everything unavailable starting tomorrow. Paypal to david at dshack dot net, and I'll get them sent out tomorrow morning.
Okay, I'm going to Japan monday, and need to ditch this stuff. $200 takes the whole lot, shipped. Paypal to david @ myusername dot net.
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