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These measurements are ridiculously good- all I'm going to need to alter are the hem and the sleeve length.
Dibs! You so have a PM, dude.
Quote: Originally Posted by mikej77 Try eating a paleo diet for a few weeks. +1. You'll get buff, sleep like a rock, and never get hungry.
Water and beef. That's it :-)
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr T What would be the easiest form of dance to learn for someone with two left feet, over 30 years old and with an allergy to country music? Swing's a good call, but East Coast gets boring fast. Try to find a place that does Lindy Hop lessons; there's a lot more variety there. If the music for swing isn't your thing, West Coast Swing might do it for you. It's similar steps to lindy, but smoother and more r&b/pop...
Quote: Originally Posted by rdawson808 It has been my experience that you will be at times the only guy there. The classes we take typically have two couples (us and another) and then another 4-6 women. If that other couple doesn't show, I'm the only guy aside from the instructor. Probably depends on the scene. Portland is hopping, probably 30+ people a night, around 50/50 by gender. Guy friends will make fun of you if you start...
Anyone buy the waterproof version? How waterproof is the standard version?
If they came one size down, I'd be on 'em.
Quote: Originally Posted by Unbreakable Ive been thinking about taking some type of dance lessons, but I'm pondering the ratio of women to men. I don't want to end up in some hotdog cart.... The average social dance scene is girl-heavy, and knowing how to shake it is never a bad thing with the ladies.
Anyone heard of it? I've been doing it for a few months in PDX, and it's a lot of fun. Really versatile, works with everything from muddy waters to Jay-Z, fuses great with other dances. I've yet to bring a friend out with any rhythmic ability that didn't get hooked. What it is: What it looks like:
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