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They have an unconditional lifetime satisfaction guarantee, so you could wear them for ten years and probably still successfully return them (it would be a dick move, though- these sorts of guarantees depend on people not abusing them). It's really up to you- I was ready to just accept these are work boots and I shouldn't bitch about the leather looking a little different, but then I realized that the split-grain felt thinner and a lot less sturdy than the full-grain, and...
Quote: Originally Posted by DashingMale 1 gallon per week is just fine...that's a little more than a pint per day. Best if it is skim. You need the calcium if you are not eating much of other dairy products and you are cutting back on carbs. Skim's actually worse if you're cutting carbs, because of all the sugar. I drink a cup or two of heavy cream a day- tasty. I find these "How much of X should one drink in a day?" threads kind of...
Quote: Originally Posted by wannabeagiant Does anybody know which boots are featured in this GQ feature ( Anyone else notice that the Chippewa boot in the slideshow is an L.L. Bean Katahdin?
Just a heads-up about these: I was about to treat mine with Oberlauf's, when I realized that the left side of the left boot was split-grain, not full-grain leather (it's thinner, with a wrinklier outside and fuzzier inside). I asked LL bean about it and they told me that it's supposed to be full-grain all through, and they'd send me a new pair.
If I don't really care about hitting a particular shade, but just want something dark with a red hue, would I be risking disaster by using some mahogany Fiebing's, then applying some Oberlauf's? Worst-case, would it just end up darker than I wanted?
I've been trying to decide between Katahdins and Red Wing GT's. I love the color of the cherry GT's, but the Katahdin's flatter, less-bulbous toe box and general profile look a lot better on my size 7 feet (they're more comfortable too). Is it possible to dye them a reddish color, kind of like the GT's? (I know the finish will be different)
Somewhere between zero and twelve, probably averaging around two or three. I don't get how you would set an upper limit on them.
I love uniqlo flannels- they're the best fit I've ever found in a shirt, and they come in a bunch of funky Japanese colors.
What colors of belts and jackets go well with black cherry red wings? Is black too close in hue?
Protein Sparing Modified Fast. 1g/lb bodyweight protein, another 50g or so fat (for the essential amino acids), negligible carbs The protein keeps your muscles from atrophying, and the lack of carbs sends you into fat-burning ketosis. You can work out, too- it'll be tough at first, but your body should adapt within a week or so. Avoid cardio. If you can keep a PSMF up for four weeks, you'll look quite a bit different.
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