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 "I just wish the sizing was more consistent. The length on my pitch black villain is 4 (yes 4) inches longer than in the measurements guide, so layering is kinda thrown off, which sucks."  THIS!!! This is the only complaint that I have for JE+Co. I own 4 villan hoodies (yeah call me stupid) but they all fit different including the size of the hood.I don't expect them to have exactly the same size spec as it's on the measurements guide but the difference is quite...
I think size Small's sleeves will be pretty tight for you imo so I'd recommend getting a Medium.
 If only I can afford...
 Yeah, I have both and they are exactly the same color/fabric.
 I don't know. They will tell you when you try to check out.
Use coupon code LABORDAY20 for 20% off on NEXT!! They got bunch of JE+Co stuff left.   http://www.ruleofnext.bigcartel.com/products?search=john+elliott&search-submit=   Too bad NEXT doesn't ship JE+Co products to where I live (Japan)...:(   Don't miss this chance guys!
Damn, I was expecting the LS Hooded Rebel to be like $180ish :(
I'm selling New without tag/only tried on Escobar Grey Duo 2 in size Small for only $140 shipped within the states. I'm moving soon so I need to sell this asap.
If anyone wants to buy Villain Hoodie Black & Escobar Sweatpant Grey Duo 2 in Medium for little cheaper than buying from official website, please check out my listings...
PRICES ARE NEGOTIABLE BUT LOWBALLERS WILL BE IGNORED.  PRICES INCLUDE SHIPPING WITH IN THE 48 STATES.  WILL SHIP WORLDWIDE SO PLEASE CONTACT ME FOR INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING.   *BRAND: Aime Leon Dore *STYLE NAME: Aime Crew *SIZE: Small *COLOR: Grey *CONDITION: New with tag and it's in an original condition.   This size is SOLD OUT. http://shop.aimeleondore.com/products/aime-crew-grey-0114   *SHIPPING  - USPS Priority Mail (within USA)  - USPS First Class Mail (Rest of...
New Posts  All Forums: