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Holy sh*t!!! I was wishing that one day you guys would collaborate with Loopwheeler literally like 2 days ago!! THANK YOU GOD!! Is this collection going to be available at the Loopwheeler's store in Japan???
So all the International orders will be shipped via Pitney Bowes now?? No more USPS First-Class mail??
20% off EVERYTHING until 10/30 Midnight EST.   Use code "FWB20". All domestic orders over $75 are free shipping. Their international shipping rates are pretty good too so don't miss this chance.   http://needsupply.com/mens/brands/john-elliott-co
30% off on Fall new arrivals on Roden Grey.   Seems like the code works on Alma sweats..etc.   Code: F14-SHOP-HOP   http://rodengray.com/collections/john-elliott-co
 "I just wish the sizing was more consistent. The length on my pitch black villain is 4 (yes 4) inches longer than in the measurements guide, so layering is kinda thrown off, which sucks."  THIS!!! This is the only complaint that I have for JE+Co. I own 4 villan hoodies (yeah call me stupid) but they all fit different including the size of the hood.I don't expect them to have exactly the same size spec as it's on the measurements guide but the difference is quite...
I think size Small's sleeves will be pretty tight for you imo so I'd recommend getting a Medium.
 If only I can afford...
 Yeah, I have both and they are exactly the same color/fabric.
 I don't know. They will tell you when you try to check out.
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