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Cbf reading the whole thread, anyone got some good leads on a black shirt with black buttons of decent quality, nothing too slim or dressy..
Probably already been asked, but where are some shops that sell long wing brogues that I can try on? Pref. in near CBD. Oh and M2M suits if any one has some deec recommendations.
Loake Royal Classic Longwing Brogue in Black. Size UK 9.5 on the F fit which is "normal". Shoes are in good used condition, worn for about 2 months but never on consecutive days, always stored in shoe trees, a shine will have them looking great. 80€ + shipping OBO. See others here: http://s1070.photobucket.com/user/photosofclother/library/?sort=3&page=1
 Our Legacy suiting is fairly TTS and on the slimmer side. It will probably need tailoring unless you find going off the rack fits you right usually, their sleeves are long and the pants come long also so you can take them up, something to take into consideration if you're a shorter guy. I think their quality in suiting isn't great, lack of lining, uncomfortable materials, and this particular jacket had a cheap feel to it to be honest, H&M kinda feel to the material. For...
The Original (and the best) OL suede messenger in S/46 brown suede. I'm only interested in trading (unless it's a good offer) for the same but in black. In great condition, I've taken good care of it and always stored it correctly, really only worn for special occasions. Rare, and sold out in a flash when it was released.   The following measurements are approximate:   P2P: 19" Shoulder: 17" Sleeve: 19" Back: 26"
BNIB, Size 42/9 (sizing one down is recommended). All Black Achilles, retails for over $400. Shipping not included
Our Legacy Great Pant Peru Sz S/46. Worn a bunch but still in good condition, 50€ shipped OBO. It was hard to photograph so I'll leave a stock photo to demonstrate. Wavy pool/gym sweat pants. Nice comfy fit and...
Since when? I and others posted our spare codes in the thread for the pre-sales.. Either way, doesn't make much sense..
ah, thanks. if anyone is kind enough to have a spare going please pm. i've posted mine upbefore here in the thread. failing that I might have to buy something..
Can anyone say if they're handing out discount codes with these sale purchases like they usually do?
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