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Our Legacy Double Pack:   -Rare sold out Ethnic 'Culture Shirt' from Splash Collection. No tags but never worn out, pristine condition. S/46. -Jardinier Pant Paisley pattern trouser. Great look, worn sparingly and in great condition. M/48.   Won't separate, only sold together. Rare and both sold out very quickly.  
I would trick off on yo bitch but she ain't loyal
Great bomber, classic cut with cigarette pocket on arm. Retailed for 530€, BNWT. Great classic piece from a cool designer. Sz S/46.
Yeezy Boost 350 Brand New US10. You know what it is. Located in Aus, would prefer to ship locally.
Has this sold?
No tags but very good condition. Too big, bought it to maybe wear around the house but I've got too many shirts. Should go to a true L/XL. 80€ shipped.
These retailed for €200, very rare Euro only release that glow in the dark. Worn 3 times total, excellent condition. Message me to work something out if you're interested. Size 9.5US.
After a size S/46, if you're looking to shift, let me know. Thanks
do these guys ever do discount codes?
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