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Wouldn't a garment cover be useful to keep the suit safe from moths?
You seem to have a nice product to offer, which can stand on its own merits. I don't understand why you feel the need to promote yourself by criticizing another company.  
That's too bad.  I have to say that I think their cufflinks look cheap too.    
These are awesome coats.  I love the retro military look.
I believe so.
That's weird.  I've never had that happen to me.  
I think the key is being confident enough to wear it.  
You can try  Wizard of Aahs or Indochino.  They both have suits within your price range.  I've purchased suits from both of them and have been pleased.     The Wizard of Aahs offers great quality suits at a very affordable price.     Indochino offers stylish suits with  that you can customize based on your preference (notch lapel, slim notch lapel or peak lapel, etc.)   You can read threads about both companies on styleforum.   Good luck! 
I've purchased two suits(Midnight Blue Tuxedo and a Cosmic Crimson Pinstripe Suit) from Indochino and they fit fine.  I've read about some people having problems with their suits.  It could be quality control issues or merely inaccurate measurements.  You have to be willing to take a chance to find out for yourself. They do offer the opportunity for a remake, alteration credits or the option for a refund so there is little risk involved, other than the cost to...
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