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thanks brought 3 pairs from afinepairofshoes
What sites do you guys use to buy your shoes?
So what site do you guys buy your shoes from?
US 12
Length and width of the outside of the shoe? They are true to size. I will pop some actualy photos up tomorrow.   thanks :)    
Brought these in 11UK thinking they were an 11US... I wore them three times but are just too big for me. They cost me $340 AUD   Loake 1880 Collection Tan Burnished Calf Lace up Derby Brogue with Goodyear Welted Double Leather Soles    
  I got mine for $405 which is pretty good value IMO
Prime has some wolverine 1000 mile boots in at the moment...
Awesome glasses, where did you get them?    
What is your favourite shoe store in melbourne? I need me some new shoes.   Cheers
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