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I am also in on this. I love the museum calf but like the simpson last--not a dealbreaker though.
Gents,   Quick question here:   Is the Carmina Classic Wingtip the same brown as the Carmina Brown Double Monk?   Any non-studio "at-home" or Iphone shots would be appreciated of any brown carminas from skoaktiebolaget   Thank you!
To relate to the Caribbean, I went on a cruise on 4th of July weekend. Went to Rolex AD in the Bahamas and tried on the Pelagos. Love it though I would have preferred it slightly thinner--that is to say, more like the submariner than the seadweller. Dont need the gas valve. Oh well.    In other news I'm really liking IWC at the moment. The 7 day portuguese is calling my name after the recent pic 
I had one such experience with a JLC AD in DC (hows that for acronym soup?). The man was quite condescending, explaining the differences between quartz, automatic and manual as if I was 5 years old. When I took a stroll around the floor to the other cases he kept not so discreetly directing me back to Frederique Constant, Tag Heuer and Maurice Lacroix. Nothing wrong with those brands, but I'm not sure why you're making assumptions about me based on my...
NP.   Go take pix and share them with us is an authorized dealer for NOMOS   6975 Lebanon Road Frisco, TX 75034 (214) 494-4241   road trip! three hours away doable?  
I saw a Stowa Marine with a white dial and arabic numerals in the wild yesterday. Looked awesome from afar and up close. Great wrist presence and the brushed metal really caught my eye. Chatted the guy up and he said he had a flieger at home too. Guess he's a happy customer   I was really surprised at how awesome it looked, and how it caught my eye so well.   I mention this because it happened just yesterday, but also for Khal80--don't think you're getting less...
time piece or dime piece?  
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