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I believe they are Antonio Maurizi. Gilt labels them as 'Wingtip Lace up Ankle Boot', and my shoe box label says '6657 French Baby Castag - Libeccio Silice'.
Jesse, I can take a picture (with my lousy Blackberry camera) of my square and share if you're okay with it.
I received my first Gentlemen's Association pocket square today. Did anybody else become a part of this? What are your thoughts? I'm looking forward to seeing the future editions in the upcoming months.
Are you still accepting offers on this sweater? Thanks for your time.
Has anyone purchased one of these ties, or been able to contact the seller? I seem to have trouble getting a response.
Is there any word on upcoming Panta restocks?
I'm having trouble finding any of these on the Panta website. Are they sold out? Do I have any hope of a restock soon?
From what I've read in their newsletters, all of their Italian line has been discontinued. They came out with a spring/summer collection that was not available to view on the website for months, but within the last seven days I noticed it has begun to appear on the site (summer shoes just in time for fall?) but without pictures or any text information.   For any of those that are interested, I also recently noticed that they replaced the Error message on the Shoe of...
Thanks for the tip, Julian. I find the switch in manufacturer to be a little concerning. Given their plan for expansion, I would bet against the chances of them upgrading to higher-quality/smaller-scale product.
Please restock soon! I am impatiently waiting to purchase multiple ties from this collection.
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