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Thank you for your continued consideration, Mr. Sprout and all.   I don't have a legitimate reason for "needing" a bespoke rain coat, not any more reason than I have for "needing" bespoke suits. I don't have freakish dimensions or anything of that nature. I just recently realized I might be interested in taking on the burden of learning/understanding/appreciating the process of creating such a garment and dealing with the frustration/satisfaction/disappointment/joy that...
 I have not handled it. My purposes are for something more on the traditional side, IE something I could wear over a suit, as opposed to something I could ski in. PS - I am a big fan of Die, Workwear and check Put This On regularly. Thank you for your time and wisdom.
Thanks for the input thus far, gentlemen. That's a good point; I had better confirm that my tailor can work with the cloth before I make a purchase.
Does anyone know who produces/sources the kind of polyester material often used to make trench/rain coats? My tailor said he has never seen anything similar from the places who supply him suiting cloth. Is it a completely different industry? I would imagine pricing to be less expensive than natural fibers, but I am completely uneducated on the topic. I'm considering getting a black or a grey waterproof coat made for myself. Any wisdom or help is greatly appreciated.
Does anyone in the Chicago area know of the status of Shrine Haberdashery? Their website has been down for over a week; I tried to Facebook message them but I got no response and their page seems fairly inactive. Have they closed recently? Thanks for your help.
Does anybody have any information about their denim? I saw hints of it posted on their blog last month, however when I contacted them via email asking if this is something that is or would be available in the future, I got no response.
Thank you for the effort, unfortunately that is not it. It was only a jacket, not a suit. It was brown, and I don't believe there were any pictures of it being worn.
I apologize for the annoying nature of this question; my memory on this probably isn't completely accurate but I hope it's enough for someone to make a connection.   Within the past year or so on a well-recycled menswear blog/Tumblr (Sartorialist? Die, Workwear? Put This On? I don't remember) I recall somebody posting about a bespoke sports coat/light outerwear piece that they saw at their tailor or some other shop. The picture featured the jacket on a hanger - it...
Does anyone else have additional images of the inner workings of slanted pant cuffs? My tailor and I are interested in figuring out this trick.   Thank you Despos and Gamblor for providing pictures to spark our curiosity.
Hello Ed, I am long overdue for new Panta ties. Is anything on the horizon?
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