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What size would you recommend in a Rescue for somebody with a size 32" wait and 40.5 inch thighs? Size down two to a 30? I'm looking for a slimish fit, but no crotch cutters!
Quote: Originally Posted by Captain Winky Nudie Slim Jim I bought a pair of Slim Jim's once in a size 32, I couldn't get them past my knees Had to return them for a pair of Straight Sven's. Do you think sizing up a few will work?
My apologies if this has been done to death, I tried using the search function, but couldn't find anything definitive. I'm after a pair of black-waxed jeans, ideally exactly like the Nudie Thin Finn model which is out now. Only issue is, I'm too muscular in the legs to pull off skinny jeans, hence I'm more of an APC Rescue guy Any suggestions as to what alternatives are out there, in both a straight and boot cut?
Quote: Originally Posted by bbhewee If you want flair, I think the sheen of scotch grain would marry better with the calf. This may give you some ideas. Trickers x KG Dillinger Brogue That's kind of what I'm going for, only reversed leather wise and in a Chelsea boot.
Quote: Originally Posted by bbhewee I like the contrast but if you're using scotch grain I would go balls out and use suede for contrasting textures (if you're not using contrasting colors already). Otherwise I would agree that Scotch Grain and MC leather would look very good together in two different colors. I like where you're going I think definitely on the next pair I'll go a little crazy. I just want a nice standard all black pair for...
Quote: Originally Posted by bbhewee The waxed (or "MC") option is a waxed calf leather from what I understand... It's really mat Here's a picture of the black from Rakuten to help you out I like that mat look. I'm mixing two different leathers on my customs, I'm having the front/back in black calf leather and the center/upper in Scotch Grain leather. What do you think of that combo?
Quote: Originally Posted by bbhewee I have, and Richard is possibly one of the most helpful, nicest people I know... When I placed my order, he even had Trickers dig up a size which they don't normally offer but had in their library, walked me through a lot of the different leather options (though all I wanted was black, but I ended going for a waxed leather instead of the standard calf). I couldn't recommend him enough (and I have to a few of my...
Has anybody had a custom pair of Trickers made before through Shoe Healer in the UK? ( I'm looking at taking the plunge on a custom pair of Henry boots and getting a little crazy
I'm in the hunt for a pair of Tricker's in the Henry model, without the commando sole. Which is the best place to find them?
Quote: Originally Posted by aj_del ^^ Thanks. If those were black I'd be all over them. Bit pricey though, compared to the other ones I posted though. Those were 30 pounds sterling
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