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Quote: Originally Posted by LukeZZ Hey guys, I am looking for narrow, raw denim, low-raise jeans in gray/black either straight or with just a bit of a boot-cut. Something like these, out-of-stock, Crate ones: http://web155.revolveclothing.com/im...J10_V1-BIG.jpg I would also like them to stay fairly dark. Any recommendations? I am considering the 3sixteen SL-200x but I can't tell how high they sit. --Luke Nudie Thin Finn DBC or APC New Cure...
I saw a pair of jeans today in Zara, which I would have bought if they had my size. They were a rich Indigo color, that wasn't too dark or too light, they had a very soft touch and sheen too. Could somebody please suggest a brand which has a model like this. Only other jean I've seen like this were a pair of Evisus.
What are the thoughts in Dita sunglasses? I'm interested in the Challenger model. Worth the money or over hyped?
Quote: Originally Posted by kamali If anybody looking for a bespoke tailor in Kuala Lumpur, I would highly recommend Messrs. Cazzara Bespoke Tailor, 246 1st Floor, Ampang Park, Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur. The oulet is owned by Mr. Azman (cell phone nr : +612 012 693 3059). I have been his regular customer for quite a while now and fyi, Mr Azman was trained at the Tailor & Cutter Academy,London in the early 70's and whilst he was there, he also had...
Quote: Originally Posted by JD_May Are those measurements you got for the SJDBCs? If so I'd say go with the smaller size and let 'em stretch out where necessary, because Nudie coated jeans have some elastane in them that'll make them a bit more forgiving. Of course it depends on how you want them to fit. Yes. I think it's gonna be safer to go with the 34's and have them taken in at the waist. Only because the last 32" Slim Jim's I bought were...
Quote: Originally Posted by Jinx88 You should be fine with the Slim Jims. I have a pair and even though they were semi-tight when I first got them, they have stretched out a bit now (and they will probably stretch out a little more from what I've read). I'm gonna go for the Slim Jim's. Now I just need some clarification as to whether to go for the 32's or 34's.
What about Chelsea boots with brogue perforations?
What are peoples opinions on Dita? I'm really liking the look of these: http://www.ditalegends.com/product_d...307&size_id=78
Quote: Originally Posted by LA Guy I say, no matching your studded belt with a studded cuff/boots/headband. I have a platinum selling album, a multitude of venereal diseases, a blow addiction and multiple stints in rehab. Am I the exception? Thanks for the heads up, I'll check that site out.
So a pair of Nudie Slim Jim's in a size 34" measure in at 11.0" in the thigh and 8" in the knee according to this chart I'm looking at. I have a pair of APC Rescues in a size 29, which are 10.75" in the thigh, and 9.5" in the knee, which I'm using as a fit reference. Therefore which is the better option, to go with the Nudies in a size 34" which are 11" in the thigh and 8.5" in the knee and have them taken in at the waist to a size 32". Or should I go with the 32's...
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